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Refresh Tune-Up - $99

The Refresh Tune-up involves removing the various internal parts of the grill, checking and inspecting each part including the cooking grates, heat shields, burners, valves, air shutters, valve orifices, regulator, gas connections, automatic Igniters and other vital components of the grill. The tune-up includes a light clean-out of major debris but does not involve heavy scrubbing or intense cleaning.  A Tune-up also includes a Gas Leak Safety Check to diagnose any connections that may be leaking gas. Any leaking connections found are tightened, sealed or certain fittings may be changed. Automatic Igniters are adjusted in order to ignite the burners properly. The Tune-up DOES NOT include any specialized cleaning. An operational demonstration is provided to the customer. The tune-up generally takes approximately one hour.

Deluxe Refresh - $199+

The Deluxe Refresh includes the steps involved in the Refresh Tune-Up process including removal and inspection of each of the vital parts/components of the grill. The cooking grates are washed and thoroughly brushed, heat shields are cleaned, burners cleaned and inspected, drip pan removed and cleaned, valves checked/lubricated and cleaned out. The inside and outside of the grill is cleaned with Eco-Friendly Cleaner, washed and cleaned. Major grease and grime are removed from the various parts of the grill and from the interior/exterior of the grill. The exterior is then polished. Various proprietary techniques are used to clean the grill. A Gas Leak Safety Check is performed on the grill. An operational demonstration is provided to the customer. This process generally takes about two and a half to three hours for cart/pedestal style grills and four to five hours for built-in style grills.

Price by Grill Style

Kamado, Pedestal & Cart Grills (Max of 4 Burners) - $199
Built-In Grill (Max of 4 Burners) - $299
Additional Burners +$25

Grills Larger Than 36" +$50

PLEASE NOTE: Any additional work that is recommended by the Technician will be explained to the customer and estimated pricing will be provided prior to any work performed.

*Please call for multiple grill rates

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